The Realty Investment Club of Houston, established in 1979, is a non-profit trade association serving the real estate investment community of the greater Houston area.  The organization, better known today by its acronym RICH, has a history of providing education to the Houston area investors for over than 35 years. We are also affiliates of National Real Estate Investment Association (NREIA).

With over 800+ members, RICH is one of the countries premier real estate investor associations who promote real estate investing. We believe in using ethically sound business practices and responsible property & project management.

RICH members include full- and part-time real estate investor, beginning and seasoned investors, remodelers and wholesalers, landlords, residential and commercial investors, accountants and attorneys, real estate agents and brokers, contractors, mortgage lenders, private money lenders, property appraiser and inspectors, and property managers - people wanting to enjoy the many benefits of real estate investing.


Our Mission Statement