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Investor Summer Camp & Field Trip
Friday, July 21 - Sunday July 23rd

Dear RICH Members & Friends, 
   Almost every meeting and event I talk to folks who are "almost ready" to start investing.  I hear everything from, "I don't have my business cards yet," "My job keeps too busy," to "I don't have funds" and dozens of other good reasons why they haven't started investing yet and why they haven't taken action yet.  Most feel they don't have enough knowledge and are afraid to make mistakes.  A wise person once said, "Learn from others mistakes because you don't have enough time to make them all on your own!"

This weekend's Summer Camp & Field Trip is one of those events that can really jumpstart your investing.  You can learn from five experts in their areas of finding, funding, fixing and finishing the deal to completion.  Kevin Smith has bee in over 15,000 Houston homes!  Kevin knows the problems you're going to encounter before you do.  Linda Muscarello has been at more kitchen tables than Domino's Pizza and she can teach you her secrets to negotiating and getting the deal at the right price for everyone.  Leo Muscarello can help you track down owners, find incredible off-market deals and make sure the person selling you the house actually owns the house.  Paul Lamnatos, of Zeus Mortgage Bank, can show all options you have for funding your investing, including secrets your hard money lender won't tell you.  And Ray, The MAN, Sasser has done more flips than acrobats in a circus  AND he manages over 400 of his own properties.  This is an allstar team and you don't want to miss their insight in this incredible event.

There are only a few seats remaining on the Bus so TAKE ACTION now and register before you are left behind.

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so we save your seat and help you find, fund, fix and FINISH your next deal while everyone else is still waiting for their business cards.

To your success!

Belinda A. Lopez
Realty Investment Club of Houston

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