Monday Night Workshop - The Secrets to Finding Investment Deals

with...  Juan Carlos Crus


Monday, April 17, 2017

RICH Conference Center
4220 Lockfield Street
Houston, TX 77092
The Secrets to Finding Investment Deals
Every Single Day


New technology arriving to Houston!!

Let's face it, finding discounted houses and rental income homes is our biggest challenge, right?  Without finding an investment deal, nothing else matters and we have no real estate investing business

For residential real estate investors craving

to find & buy discounted properties today


MLS Deal Finder Interactive tools can help you and deliver investment deals right to your inbox within minutes of being listed, before anyone else knows about them. 

See below what you will learn and RSVP here Today!


Find discounted & rental houses

  • Learn how to find Discounted Properties every single day
  • Learn how to find Rental Properties with high cash flow
  • Learn how to be faster than your competitors and get to the property first
  • What is an AVM? (Automated Valuation Model): How computer systems make you smarter
  • Why real estate agents preferred to use this technology if they have access to the MLS?


It works on distressed properties: foreclosures, short sales, fixer uppers & motivated sellers

Searching and analyzing hundreds of new properties each day takes a huge amount of time and effort. Having this specialized, automated tool will help you beat out your competitors.

CMA (Comparative Market analysis) Training

The key, and the real innovation here, is the CMA automation. This tool can provide a quantum leap in your ability to find, analyze and capture the best deals.

  • CMA training on OFF Market properties
  • Investors must be CMA experts
  • Understand what is a good CMA
  • Why all CMAs are different


Steve Liang

A Mathematician Converted to an Expert in Residential Data valuations!!

Steve is a cofounder of MLS Deal Finder, a software startup focused on revolutionizing automated valuation in the real estate industry.

After graduating from UC Berkeley and UCLA with distinctions, he worked for several Fortune 100 companies, and is an expert in project management, business strategy and execution. His goal is to take MLS Deal Finder to the national level, bringing accurate and up-to-date real estate valuation to millions of consumers.

Juan Carlos Cruz

National Expert in doing Automated Home Valuations.

Juan Carlos is an entrepreneur, real estate broker and CMA expert. To find properties at a discount he had to do thousands of CMAs and he became a national expert in the CMA and AVM work.

He has been able to understand how computerized systems can better assist the agent be incredibly more productive. Be amazed to see increase productivity by hundreds of percent when you work with our tools.

In 2002 he successfully sold his Yellow Page business as a platform investment to a PEG, which took the company nationwide. After the venture, he became a residential real estate investor and has done hundreds of deals buying and selling real estate investments.






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Date: Monday, April 17, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

RICH Conference Center
4220 Lockfield Street
Houston, TX 77092
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